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Knižnica: Bulletin of the Slovak Speleological Society 2013
Názov:      Bulletin of the Slovak Speleological Society 2013
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BookID:      Bulletin2013
ISBN-10(13):      ISSN 1335-5023
Dátum publikovania:      2013
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Jazyk:      English
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Bulletin of the Slovak Speleological Society
Issued for the purpose of
16th Congress of the International Union of Speleology,
Brno 2013

Dear readers, dear cavers!
In the opening of the bulletin You read, I would like to introduce our organisation.
The Slovak Speleological Society (SSS) was created in September, 1949. It belongs to the constituent
members of the International Union of Speleology (UIS) and it was the co-organiser of
the 6th International Congress of Speleology in 1973. Since 2008 it belongs among members of
the European Speleological Federation (FSE).
Nowadays, the SSS represents a platform for more than 50 basic organisational elements: regional
groups and speleoclubs, with total number of more than 800 members. The main mission
of the SSS is exploration, discovering, registration, documentation and protection of caves and
karst within Slovakia, where the area of karst consists of more than 2,700 km2. Their worthiness
caused, that more than 6700 caves are known in Slovakia at present time. The longest one reaches
36 kilometres, the deepest one has its elevation span 495 metres. Several caves were nominated
to the National Natural Monuments and they are inscribed in the List of World Heritage
of UNESCO or Ramsar Convention. Slovak cavers operate in abroad too, mainly in karstic areas
of the Balkans and table-mountains karst of Venezuela.
The SSS annually organizes several speleological events with international attendance: Speleomíting
(more than 20 volumes), Caving Week (more than 50 volumes), as well as events oriented
to the education or speleo-alpinistic training. Since 1970 it edites a speleological bulletin Spravodaj
SSS, quarterly and speleological books, occassionally.
That are the main facts about the SSS and their activities. Further information about the
important discoveries in Slovakia, in Europe and around the world, where Slovak cavers played
the first role, You can find inside this bulletin. If You decide to visit some of Slovak karst areas
or their caves in the future, You will be warmly welcomed.

Bohuslav Kortman
Cover photos chairman of the SSS


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