Therion 5.3.16 – nová verzia


thlogoVyšla nová verzia programu Therion a je voľne stiahnutelná na

Nová verzia opravuje niektoré chyby a pridáva par vylepšení.

Therion 5.3.16 (2014-12-28):

 * scale upper limit changed to 1:10
 * geomag data updated upto 2020
 * bugs fixed:
   – black area displayed instead of some patterns in SVG
   – broken XHTML output when string formatting keywords are used in
map-comment etc.
   – unescaped special characters in map-comment etc. in XHTML
   – improved error message when therion can’t map custom TeX fonts in
     MetaPost macros to Unicode
   – cave depth value in XHTML output
   – invalid compass/backcompass averaging formula

 * elevation orientation in Compiler map structure

 * VTK 6.0 support
 * wxWidgets 3.0 support

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